"Celeste Bikes" LLC from 2015 has became the official distributor of the world-known Italian cycling brand Bianchi, which was founded in 1885. From 2018 company has also become the official distributor of the brands "Nilox", "Atala", "Whistle" and "Shimano". Bianchi combines traditions of cycling manufacturing, safety and quality standards, reliability and innovation, linked with Italian elegance and unique design. Our Team: Founder and Owner: Ernest Karamyan Mechanik: Arman Sargsyan

Bianchi Founded back in 1885 in Milano, Italy, Bianchi proudly boasts as one of the oldest cycling companies in the world. Through 130 years of history many famous Bianchi riders participated and won the prestigious tournaments such as Le Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, La Vuelta, Paris-Roubaix, etc. Many riders, Fausto Coppi, Marco Pantani, Jan Ullrich among them, won their races with Binachi Bikes. The company manufactures wide range of bikes: from junior models to professional bikes. The company has implemented innovative technologies and widely use them in the manufacturing processes, thus securing the highest quality and reliability of Bianchi Bikes. The turquoise colour (“celeste” in Italian) is the distinguishing color of Bianchi cycles which is well-known among customers.


Bianchi becomes the first bicycle company to use racing as a testing ground for innovation


Giovanni Tomaselli wins the Gran Prix of Paris the World Championship of track racing, Bianchi's first international cycling victory . This race later evolves into the Tour de France.


Bianchi is the first to use Campagnolo's new invention, a rod-operated gear changing system. And, Giuseppe Olmo sets the hour record on a Bianchi


Fausto Coppi becomes the first rider in history to win both the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France in the same year. The feat had previously been considered impossible

When The Brand is a Legend

Bianchi The Corporation

1905 was the company turning point. Bianchi became a corporation, got listed into the stock exchange and Edoardo Bianchi was appointed CEO. During the First World War, Bianchi supplied the Italian army with reliable bicycles, among which "La Bersagliera", a very practical foldable bicycle. The bicycle manufacturing was booming during the first postwar period, and Bianchi profited from that becoming the biggest Italian bicycle company.