• $76,432,200.00

E-SCOOTER GLOBBER.650-101 EMOTION 10  Description

The E-SCOOTER GLOBBER.650-101 EMOTION 10  electric scooter for teenage children (from 8 years) with a maximum load on a deck to 50 kg. The maximum speed is 12 km hour. The front wheel with a diameter of 5.5 “(140 mm) is made of wear-resistant PU material with a width of 30 mm. The rear wheel with a diameter of 5” (128 mm) and a width of 40 mm is equipped with a motor and a rear brake made of 100% rubber. Lightweight brushless motor rated at 150W and maximum torque 5.5 HM, engine speed 800 RPM. To start the engine, press the pedal located on the front of the deck. 2Ah / 21.6V lithium battery, smart BMS card, average number of charging cycles 400. The power button and charging port are on the front of the deck. IP54 protection. For safe control of the scooter, we strongly recommend using a helmet!

Main characteristics of SCOOTER GLOBBER.650-101 EMOTION 10

  • A type-electric scooter for children
  • Աղջկա և տղաի համար
  • մինջև 50կգ
  • Top speed-12 km / h
  • հիմքը ալյումին
  • Ծալվող է
  • Options-foot brake
  • Battery-Li-ion
  • Battery capacity-2 Ah
  • Charging time-3 h
  • Mileage on a single charge-6 km
  • Engine power-150 watts
  • Wheels amount-2
  • Material-rubber
  • Wheel size-front 140 mm, rear 128 mm
  • Weight-6.2 kg

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